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See what other people are saying about our apartments in Murray, and discover Miller Estates Luxury living. Here, our residents are our top priority, and we deeply value their experience living within our community. We encourage each resident to share their thoughts and look forward to any way that we can improve. Our Murray, Utah apartments have been fully designed with the resident in mind. Discover a community that is centered on enhancing your everyday life by bringing you ongoing convenience, relaxation, and comfort. Come home to your new apartment in Murray today. Join Miller Estates.


Nathan helped us to find an apartment when moving half way across country, to SLC. He was very quick in response and took time to ensure we made the best decision by sending us photos. Ever since, he and the office staff have been quick to address any issues and are always very friendly!


If you were to take online apartment reviews at face value, one would assume every complex leasing units under $1500 a month is a complete nightmare. That being said, I took all the reviews I read with a large grain of salt, assuming people probably have about a million other things prioritized above writing positive apartment reviews. Every complex has its challenges but most complaints I've read, especially with Miller, seem to be about simple, overlooked concerns. Sort of like buying a used car and complaining the AC doesn't work when you didn't check it on the test drive. The only challenges I've had here, are those that come naturally with a building over 40 years old. Every single one of these I've brought up, however, I've addressed both with some pre move in TLC, and with the prompt and attentive service of the property management staff. Shout out to Nate in the office for getting all of these done. Plus, older buildings come with the perk of having walls that were built like a Cold War bunker that, for anyone who has ever rented before, is awesome knowing you don't have to listen to the neighbors above Riverdancing, or the ones next door getting their Call of Duty on. The last thing any new renter wants is to be immediately counting down the days till their lease is up after the first night in. Some of the biggest reasons are poor property maintenance and difficult office staff, neither of which is the case here. Groundskeepers are out in force every day and the crew at the office are professional, polite, and thorough in following issues to resolution. The renovated units are chic and a pretty good deal for the money. The only things I'd advise to keep in mind if considering Miller Estates are: it's a pet friendly community. That means there are a lot of people out walking their dogs. Not a huge deal and I never hear much barking but some people are bothered by that and what it entails (pun?). If you get a unit in one of the buildings facing the thoroughfares, there will be decent bit of street traffic noise but nothing a few earplugs can't mitigate at night. Also, my gas fireplace doesn't work, but if we're being honest, that's not why I rented here and if it was I would have addressed that (and likely prior to moving in). Again, these are all things one can wrestle with prior to signing a lease. ALWAYS TOUR AND DO A WALK THROUGH BEFORE MOVING IN ANYWHERE. The staff at Miller is happy to accommodate this. Be thorough and you'll have greatly secured having a good experience. I'll be enjoying my stay at Miller Estates.



I had a very informed conversation about cost after moving out and if anyone has any questions about the apartments please call Jacky


Nate is amazing to work with, and the whole office is friendly and willing to work with you! We love our new place.


Love this place. I've been here for 4 months now. The management office is incredibly responsive. The grounds are clean and have gorgeous landscaping. The owners are working to renovate all the buildings. What I really love is that there are lots of kids and big dogs are welcome. The only downside is guest parking. There's plenty of it but you need GPS and a bicycle to find a building and apartment.






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