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Wonderful Maintenance
The new maintenance staff has been so helpful to us! We had a few items that needed fixed and they were so friendly each time they came to our apartment, even wearing masks! Thank you so much for caring!


Admir is a very good maintenance guy. Very caring about the residents. He was out here at 1:00 am fixing an a/c unit because it was so hot. He had it fixed in less than 10 minutes. Thank you Admir. He really cares about the property and the people that live here.


Great job Admir!!!


Love this apartment! The best maintenance staff I have ever had in an apartment. When you have an issue they fix it within hours. They even replace light bulbs! Pay by check or online so easy.


The maintenance guys are really on top of things here. When something is wrong we tell them they fix it. Admir, Meldon and Joe all do quality work. I think they should all get a raise. Joe goes even to if its garbage day and the dumpsters are full, he will jump on it to stomp it down so that the garbage man will take it. I always see Joe busy doing something to keep this place looking nice. He was out today picking up dog crap that some dog owners didnt pick up. Thank you Joe!


When I have a maintenance problem they come out good timing. The dog park is very well maintained by the owners, barbeque areas and basketball court area always looks clean. Trees and landscaping well maintained. Snow removal is great. People put in furniture and junk around the garbage cans and it get cleaned out by maintenance very quickly. Always amazed how fast never had to report it. Called about outside lights and sure Maintenance will fix promptly. They always do. Problem with daily (at least morning and evening) piles of cat food being placed directly under cars at parking by pond and parking stalls across. So glad to know the Office is aware of this already. All areas are important to them. Thank you so much for everything! Staff has always been easy to talk too. Nothing but positive stuff for them.


Great Staff
Lived here for awhile and want to let people know that all Staff here have been helpful. Good place to live, excellent and fast Maintenance, Groundskeeping is good all over, excellent snow removal even on stairs and landings. Love the improvement and upkeep to the pond and water features. So beautiful to see wildlife on the brilliant water. Office staff happily answer all questions and take down if any concerns. Called about outside lights and sure Maintenance will fix promptly because that's what they do. I feel safe here and enjoy the outdoor spaces we have. Always clean and free of litter. Dog park is maintained very well by all the owners. Would like regular "cat feces/urine smell cleanup and concern of the appearance of at least twice daily feeding of cats directly under the cars parked by pond and across at the stalls. I gave my review almost perfect because this place is so huge and welltaken care of. The Office staff knows and I am happy that they were willing to listen to me. Thanks again. The apartments are good size but it's thanks to the Staff we can have a good place to live.


Admir and his staff are fantastic. Prompt and efficient in the work that they do.


Maintenance helps out beautiful place as well


I have lived here for 4 yrs. They are all so helpful and nice. The maintenance guys are AMAZING!! Admir always fixes things super fast, never leaves a mess and He is so sweet that he makes sure my dogs are locked out of my bedrooms while Im at work. Yay!! I appreciate him so much!! Great job guys!!! Thanks for making my life so much easier!!!! Happy Holidays!!!


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