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We really loved living at Miller. Our apartment was right on the lake and the views and fountains were awesome! Parking was almost always easy to find (once I had to park a little further away, but the walk was nice) and the apartment was in great shape. The amenities and location are convenient and my girlfriend and I always had our needs met. I’ve seen lots of complaints about the management but I’ve worked with management a lot and have always had a great experiences and I’m seeing most complaints on here could be avoided if they had just read their rental contract. We were sad to leave here when we bought our house but will always recommend Miller Estates to anyone looking to move in the area!



Great place and great place to stay and everything nice people


I love living here at Miller estates. The staff in the office is always helpful and very welcoming. They were able to work with my family and I in getting us into the perfect apartment. When ever we had problems in our apartment or things that needed to be fix the maintenance staff were able to get those things done on the same day. My dog loves the staff too and always greets them with his smile and loves going to visit them at the office. They all welcome him and always say hi. This is definitely the best apartment complex I’ve leased at. Also the amenities they have here are amazing... especially the pool! The property itself is just beautiful and when I invite my friends over to visit they can’t believe how beautiful it is here.


Amazing! Staff is great to work with. Quaint community!!


I really like living here, my husband and I have been here for a little over 6 months and we love it. We pay around 1,100/ month after utilities for our one bedroom. We never hear our neighbors we have a cool view from our balcony and it's overall pretty quite. There has been an issue with my car getting broken into and the management says it's a problem in the area, which I do get. I grew up down the road and our cars got broken into a ton. Just don't leave anything you care about in your vehicle, learn your lesson. It's well priced for how nice our apartment is. We've only had one maintenance issue and it was resolved within a half hour of going into the office. They allow us to have our weird pets which I really like. The gym is nice and has a good view from the treadmill. I do agree that the renovations really do seem cheap and the paint job is absolutely horrid. Get better painters and security and it would be the best place ever.


We live here now,n it's so beautiful! Also we have a disabled daughter n we have a therapy dog that's a pit bull n we feel so welcome n there's a dog park area that they love to go to, so her dog can play w other animals. It's great for our daughter to see this! We love it here especially the views!! Thank you. Lynda


Visiting some friends at this community and my first impression is great! Clean grounds, lovely designed apartments, and they told me the pool gets to 9' deep! My friends also said the office staff are awesome and very helpful. Miller Estates seems like a wonderful community overall.



Best coffee ever. Hands down. It's the type of thing that makes your parents love each other and compels the sailor to return to shore. So many to sense, yet all are one in their position, making any present fool that challenges his own tortuous convolution suddenly appear wise only by axiomatic proxy of the unfettered prestige set before him. More, when the proud and strong landscaping artists fulfill their promises each week, the cornucopia of exuberant shades of green teeming from the fresh cut grass mimics the luminaries only seen emanating from the ancient Eye of Aureus, both day and night, for at least 72 hours. Every delightful exchange with each one of the beloved Staff at any given moment within this Holy Eden we call Miller Estates brings an automatic sensation of serendipitous and unadulterated lust to become metaphorically satiated by the sweet aroma of organic gourmet cream cheese frosting, fastidiously wrapped in fine silk and saturated in tea tree essential oil, unmistakably possessed of greatness, and at last presented over a bed of newly-opened lemon drops on a Thursday around 6:05 pm, facing the East, breathing deep, greeting, accepting, signing, renting.


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